The summit will have in attendance representatives of International Development Partners, Federal and State Regulatory Bodies, Business/Industry/Thought Leaders, Corporate Organisations, Training Institutes, Technology Start-ups and MSMEs etc who all make up the community of practise on the issue of unemployment and job creation in Nigeria.


  • ✅ To discuss existing and alternative approaches to enhance the transition of Youth from education to the workplace while ensuring gender equity and social inclusion.
  • ✅ To brainstorm on innovative approaches to the future of work and enterprise in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ✅ To identify new trends and opportunities in diverse sectors and value chains that need to be prioritized with the right investments.
  • ✅ To foster conversation on sustained job creation partnerships and strategies to ensure diverse viable pathways for education to employment.
  • ✅ To build a community of practise that promotes collaboration and collective action post the summit.